wiredpussy review
Adult research lab behind WiredPussy is focused on tit and pussy high voltage electro stimulation, and a study of forced orgasms by means of various electro torture devices. If it wasn't enough, they mix electro shocks with lots of predicament bondage, wired strap-on sex, canning and wax punishments. The effect of a such therapy are uncontrolled orgasms, strong and multiple. Applicants must understand the principles of BDSM and follow the instructions without doubts.
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fuckingmachines review
Every week since January, 2001 an another high-tech adult facility releases detailed reports about its successes in building custom fucking machines. They invite the hottest girls in the world to advertise and test the machines and film the action. They even built a special robot, but the girls break it too often! I mean some clever and horny girls pretend they are naive testers and machine-fuck themselves to orgasmic heavens, and Fuckzilla is always in high demand.
thepainfiles review
ThePainFiles offers clear, quality pictures and videos of needle pain, severe breast pain, painful pussy clamps, nose hooks and hot wax, medical and electro pain torture. These guys are experienced sadists. First, they test every new torture on themselves. If al leats one of them survived they decide that the torture is too simple for adding to their arsenal. ThePainFiles offers the resolution 2012 X 3020 for images and 800MB for full length downloable videos 45 minutes long each.